Our goal is to provide each horse the best possible care from the moment of pick up through delivery.

Step 1: Get a Quote

The first step in the process to arrange horse transportation is to get a quote. We can provide a quote either by email or phone. Click the Get a Quote button below and fill out the simple form. We will reply to you within 48 hours. Or email or call us.


Step 2: Book a Trip

Once we agree on a price and time frame, we send you a contract via Docusign. A sample contract may be viewed here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What paperwork is required for my horse to travel?
  1. Current health certificate—valid for 30 days from an accredited vet
  2. Negative Coggins (EIA) test result, must be current—one year prior to movement in the U.S.

Though copies of registration papers and proof of ownership or sales transfer can be helpful, they usually are not required for legal shipping. If your horse starts a trip in the West, please see the brand inspection section below in case you need that paperwork, too.

Do you ship to my area?

We move horses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

What paperwork is required for my horse to travel between the U.S. and Canada?

To move horses across the border the owner must contract a customs broker firm for access to customs forms and to pay fees. Horses traveling across the border require a current negative Coggins report valid within the last six months and an international health certificate from a veterinarian. Customs agents may or may not be fully aware of each country’s equine health requirements, or specific transit point restrictions, so please contact us for help with this paperwork.

Does my horse need a Brand Inspection?

It depends. Brand inspection is basically proof of ownership and has nothing to do with actual brands. Only horses BEING REMOVED from the following states need a brand inspection. For more information click below if your horse, or the horse you are buying/leasing, originates in following states.

Should I wrap my horse’s legs?

For sensation and temperature regulation we recommend leaving horses’ legs uncovered unless a medical condition requires wrapping. 

Do you feed grain/pellets/concentrate on the truck?
While hay and water have been shown to serve traveling horses best, we know that some horses cannot eat hay. In that case you supply us with feed and we follow your directions. We always carry electrolytes and molasses to encourage less than enthusiastic drinkers.
Can I send tack with my horse?

Our storage space is limited so we can only accommodate on a case-by-case basis. If you provide accurate dimensions of a tack box or tub, we can include it in your shipping quotation.

Can I check on my horse while en route?

We provide video, photo texts and daily check-ins but feel free to call anytime. If you reach our voicemail, we are loading, unloading, feeding, watering, resting horses, fueling or have no cell service. Text and/or leave a message and we will return your call. 

Is Siegmund Horse Hauling insured?
We are a legal commercial hauler subject to the same requirements as semi-trucks including the requirement to carry $750K liability insurance and $25K in cargo insurance. When hauling valuable equines, we recommend carrying your own insurance rider, tailored to your specific needs.



Class A CDL
DOT/MC Licensed and Insured
USDOT 3112500 | MC 1024538