Our Equipment

Our cross country transport Turnbow trailer is fully insulated and features thick closed cell foam padding under heavy stall mats and bedding for a cushioned ride. Drop windows on all sides, roof vents and a large center exhaust fan keeps the temperatures in check in the summer. In colder months, we fine tune the ventilation to eliminate condensation and maintain horses’ comfort. We can view the horses and monitor the temperature from inside the truck at all times.

For smaller hauls, we use our Equispirit 2+1 XL trailer. Its insulation, steel frame and wood floors help provide a quiet, forgiving ride for your horse. Stall mats, heavy bedding, bright walls, fans at every head and screened windows make this trailer inviting to most horses. As with the Turnbow, we watch the horses and monitor temperatures from inside the truck.

Both trailers have flexible configurations and safety features to fit all sizes and shapes of horses, from drafty mares and their foals to mini donkeys.

On the Journey

Hay nets or hay on deck topped up, water/rest stops every 3-4 hours or whatever the horses dictate.

Nightly layovers at reputable facilities can be arranged. We stay onsite with our cargo.

We stay in touch with you during the trip with daily updates via video or photos.

Corrie Roberts

Corrie Roberts could say she began hauling horses at the age of eleven when her non-horsey parents moved the family, including two horses and an older sister, from California to Maine. Though Corrie had ridden and cared for their horses for years, she quickly became a transport groom. The satisfaction of helping safeguard the family’s horses never left Corrie.

A biologist and licensed 18-wheel truck driver, Corrie holds a 100-ton U.S. Coast Guard master’s license, and recently retired from the Maine Marine Patrol. As captain, she was responsible for her crew’s safety and the upkeep of the patrol vessel Guardian III. This training, and a childhood caring for horses, means Corrie takes her horsemanship seriously, too. Or as she puts it, “My motto is: care, compassion, integrity, yada, yada. And I fix stuff, too.”

Corrie hit on the idea of a horse transport business in 2015 when she helped move her sister and her two horses out West. The sisters enjoyed traveling cross-country with horses so much that Corrie researched and invested in a rig and, in cooperation with East Coast Equine Transport’s Pat Thompson, began to move horses up and down the eastern seaboard. Using her off hours and vacations, by 2020 Corrie had launched her business. This perseverance prevailed during the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, when she learned to negotiate the complex bureaucracy required for moving horses across the U.S.-Canadian border, a niche not filled by most U.S. horse transporters.